Cate Song Releases the Inside EP

NY based singer/songwriter Cate Song has dropped a brand new EP entitled Inside. Since it is an EP, it only has 5 tracks but it should give you an idea of where this artist is heading with her music and what kind of growth she’s experienced as a musician in the past two years. You can DL & preview the EP from iTunes and Amazon, so if you’re feeling it be sure to pick it up!

Inside EP is a collection of 5 songs written by Cate since the release of her debut album, Images, in December 2008. This collection highlights Cate’s introspective lyrics and melodies packaged in a modern singer/songwriter, pop-piano sound. With the help of producer, Kevin Wu, and engineer, Paul Kim, along with other respected musicians in the industry, Inside EP showcases Cate’s progression as a songwriter and vocalist.

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