D-League Interviews w/ HypeGirls Exposure

Florida’s D-League continues to gain recognition, and they have a new online interview out with HypeGirls Exposure. It’s a pretty informative read seeing as how they touch upon a number of good topics including who inspires them, why they stay true to their music, who they aspire to be, and their thoughts on being a hip-hop group of mixed ethnicity. If you want to read on you can do so after the break or over at HGE.

This extraordinary duo is making a lot of noise in South Florida and soon to be worldwide , with their already big moves no wonder why they have all right to title their newest mixtape “Almost Famous”, if you guys haven’t heard of them by now you better get ready for the big bang because they are on the mission for global take over in a very unique way. Check them out…

Douces: What are your nationalities?

Demo: I am 100% Vietnamese raised in California and now Im here repping Florida

Un-cut: I am of Jamaican heritage and I was raised in Bronx N.Y. now I’m residing in

Douces: What type of music do you guys make?

Demo: We make Hip Hop, mostly focusing on music for the ladies, and conscious stuff. Something that people can relate to.

Un-cut: I’d say a little bit of everything, like I said we are here in the South but Im originally from N.Y., and Dem is from the West coast.  We are bringing the best of every coast in one package, so we have all those influences to produce greatness.

Douces: So with UnCut and Demo Dao, we are getting the best of both worlds?

Demo: Actually we are universal because I’m Vietnamese and Cut is Jamaican, (laughs) what more could you ask for?

Douces: So how long has D-League been together and how long have you been doing music?

Un-Cut: Together we have been doing it for 8 years, our first song was called ‘Almost 16’ and thats when we were 15, so yea 8 years.

Douces: How did the name D-League come about?

Demo: Back in high school our name was Dynamics, then my big brother just called us D-League one day, D for Dynamics, and it just stuck with us ever since.

Douces: So what big gigs have you guys done?

Un-Cut: We opened up for Lil’Wayne, Chamillionare, Yung Dro, Trina, did a bunch of shows at the AA arena to the FIU and FAU campuses, we have been in a lot of magazines such as Vibe, O-zone magazines, Kaboom magazine, we had mixtape of the week on thisis50.com and we were also was featured on allhiphop.com.

Douces: Wow, that’s a good look. Apart from that what has been the groups’ biggest accomplishments, that you look back and say, “wow did we really do that”?

Demo: Well it has nothing to do with music, it’s the fact that we stayed together this long, because I don’t see a lot of people having the time and effort as we do, so they just give up, that’s why groups don’t stay together anymore either….we are here with the same fire from day one.

Un-Cut: Its just the simple fact that we still have the drive and passion to do this together.

Douces: Being that you are such a unique group what type of feedback have you been getting from your audience?

Demo: Well when people listen to our mixtape they don’t know who’s rapping, they don’t know that it’s a Vietnamese guy until they see us performing, then they get surprised.

Un-Cut: Yea, its like that extra shock factor, of being such a diverse group, when people see us they don’t know what to expect. Also the way we carry ourselves attracts a lot of people as well.

Douces: So that being said, do you think that your image in the music industry is important?

Demo: O yea, image can make or break you.

Un-Cut: If you can sing and you’re ugly compared to someone who looks great and doesn’t have the same singing capabilities as do, they might achieve more. As guys our swag and appearance should be current, continuously attracting people.

Douces: Music is very influential, so do you as musicians think the content of your music is important as well as the message you are sending?

Demo: I think it is very important because I have a little brother that looks up to me, and he thinks whatever I rap I do, so whatever I rap about is something that I live. I have to be a role model, that impacts what he does in the future. I think the more relatable your music is to people, the more support you get.

Un-Cut: I think its all about being authentic….its not only about having a good song on the radio, but having a great artist on the radio.

Douces: The music business is so competitive these days everybody is trying to bust in, what do you think will set you apart from other groups out there?

Un-Cut: Mainly just our image alone, and the ability to go internationally automatically, because of our diversity; I think we could instantly takeover the Asian market. Also our grind is impeccable, we do our own pr, promo, management, everything. We are constantly pushing.

Douces: So as far as the business goes, what do you think about the music deals that are being offered to artists these days, namely the 360 deals?

Demo: Actually we just wrote a song about that. I think its stupid, it might work for some people that just want to rap.

Un-Cut: I think if you work to get things on your own you should get all the profits of it and not the label, and that’s how the 360 is set up, it demands that the label gets a piece of everything no matter if they helped you get a gig or not.

Demo: No matter what, the label is going to get their money some way but it’s just up to the skills of the artists team negotiation, to decide how much you’re willing to give them, and if their talking game isn’t on point, then that’s when you get screwed.

Douces: Thats why the legal team is very important. So who have been your greatest musical influences?

Demo: Honestly Jay-Z, he is my top pride, then Eminem after that, but I really like Jay-Z, reason being is that he adapts to the time. He’s timeless.

Un-Cut:  Also his business side, he is a great business man, I like 50 he is great at business too but Jay-Z stays on top of everything musically and business-wise, he makes power moves.

Douces: What artist would you guys absolutely love to work with, well I know Jay for sure, but who else?

Un-Cut: Honestly yea Jay-Z but I would love to hear Jay, Diddy and 50 on the same track, it would be a mogul mix, I want when those names are called as big moguls I want mine to be in the same category.

Demo: I want to work with people that want to work with me that respect me for my music and that would love to have me on their track, then I would love to be on the track.

Douces: So being that you guys are huge Jay-Z followers, what do u think about the satanic rumors about him?

Un-Cut: Well when they say sell your soul I think its just a figure of speech to say you’re a sell out to what you had a strong belief in before, then once you reach a certain status you do something totally opposite from it.

Demo: Honestly, I don’t know anything about it, but you know in the business people are always going to say things to diminish you, but guys like Mase I would say he sold his soul, he left the game came back and left again, its like he’s trying to be something he is not and in the game you have to stay true to yourself, at the end of the day its yourself that’s going to make you or break you. If I constantly do me, no matter if you hate me now, I will prove myself to you, for you to accept me for me, without conforming to someone else.

Douces: That is perfect advise. To conclude, when you have accomplished all your goals and then you fade to the blackness, what will you like your legacy to be?

Un-Cut: I want whenever they talk about ‘greatest groups’, I want to break all barriers and have them say D-League, up against groups like OutKast. When they talk about moguls I would love for them to say my name, when they talk about Asians, I just want to hear Demo. 
Demo: We want to be the group to open doors and set trends.

Douces: What advice would you give to other artists on the come-up?

Demo: Watch out! If you’re trying just make sure you’re hotter than us. (Laughs). But no matter what we say, if you love the music stick to it, get in the streets show your face everywhere make people know you, social sites alone ‘aint’ cutting it.

Un-Cut: Believe in yourself if nobody else doesn’t, and never depend on anybody else but yourself, people are never guaranteed, just trust yourself.


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