IAMMEDIC x My Ninja x FM Mashes Up KPOP

In promotion for their big 90’s KPOP party this Friday in LA, IAMMEDIC and Peter Rocks of MyNinja have decided to create a couple KPOP mashups, mixing in some current music with some old KPOP favorites. First up is IAMMEDIC with a track they call “Turn Around and Look at MEdic”, a mashup set to “나를 돌아봐” originally performed by Deux.

Second is Peter Rocks’ creation where he takes FM’s “Like a G6” and mixes it in with Kin Gun Mo’s 잘못된 만남.

I liked both mixes a lot. It brings me back. I wouldn’t mind if they put together a whole compilation album of this nature haha. The “Like a G6” mix in particular is a lot of fun.

2 thoughts on “IAMMEDIC x My Ninja x FM Mashes Up KPOP

  1. Hello everyone!!

    Sorry to inform this very last minute,
    but there has been a venue change due to possible rain.
    (previous venue was 60% outdoors)

    Its now at La Defence in Koreatown (ex Velfarre)

    La Defence
    3701 Wilshire Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90010

    Please help us spread the word!

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