Jin x Van Ness Wu x Jaeson Ma to Work on Track Inspired by Jeremy Lin

Artists Jin, Van Ness Wu, and Jaeson Ma are reportedly in the works to release a track inspired by Warriors basketball player Jeremy Lin. It’s been known that the three are close friends that share a lot in terms of faith, friendship and art and it’ll be interesting to see it all come together in the form of a song. You can read the announcement, taken straight from Jin’s own blog.

I was totally inspired by this interview I read online where he shares his passion for basketball, his ever growing faith and pending career in the NBA (at the time of the interview, he was not signed on to play with the Warriors yet).

As I read and learned more about him, I felt inspired and my creative juices just started flowing. Usually when this happens, some sort of music productivity is inevitable.

I emailed my manager Carl and told him about my plans to do a track inspired by Jeremy Lin.

He replies and tells me that he actually just met him and he expressed that he’s been a follower of my music for years now. I was honored and humbled to hear about this.

There are no coincidences in this world.

I’m working on the track with two of my good SOL brothers, Vanness Wu and Jaeson Ma. It is tentatively titled “Warriors”. The name couldn’t be more fitting.


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