Dumbfoundead x Dok2 x MYK x Yankie x Rakaa x Epik High x Bizzy x Sean Rhee x Tiger JK to Release “Respect 16s”

[update] The song is now available for purchase! [/update]

Whoaaaa. Dumbfoundead really knows how to bring talent together. He’s called an almost definitive collection of Korean & Korean-American MC’s for a track called “Respect 16s” which is set to drop in a few days on October 26th. Of course DJ Zo is on there too. Check out the lineup – Dumb, Dok2, MYK, Yankie, Rakaa, Epik High, Bizzy, Sean Rhee & Tiger JK. This guy doesn’t play around! I can’t wait for this to drop. Posse tracks are wassup!


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