Decipher x Manifest x Lyricks x JL Drop “Soju Life” [Free DL]

We all know that The Beautiful Cycle crew and MUzO are two tight knit crews. The guys not only make music together, but they chill together, break bread together and drink together too. That’s probably why they decided to throw this track together, remixing Ne-yo’s Champagne Life and flipping it to better represent their Korean roots, aka the “Soju Life”. You can DL the track for free here. Although I’m not much of a drinker myself, I can appreciate everyone’s flow over the subject matter itself.
This joint was made strictly for fun and the love of alcohol. We took Neyo’s Champagne Life and put a Korean twist to it. This is our homage to the nectar of the Korean God’s, soju. The intro and hook are supposed to be us just chilling at the Korean BBQ spot and getting our soju shots on, getting loud, and having fun. We brought Muzo and Beautiful Cycle together on this one. Something we like to call The Muzical Cycle. I introduce the track, Mani runs up right after me, Lyricks comes in with some heat, then JL anchors the track with something heavy. We wrote and recorded all of this within an hour at RePercussion studio’s in Philly, shout out to Andy Ha! It ain’t all that serious, just something we had fun making so we hope yall have fun listening!

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