afterschoolspecial Drops Debut Full Length Album & MV for “Name” with WongFu

Finally! After hearing about the album and MV for “Name” for months now, both have finally dropped. The MV is a collaboration with WongFu and it’s only more proof that their portfolio continues to improve. This MV has a great concept, matches the style of song, and effectively incorporates everyone involved with the project including all the band members and a cameo from Paul Dateh himself. It was a nice touch to see the band rocking out on office supply instruments. The heroine of the video is pretty cute too ;-). Props both to the band and Wong Fu for a great release.

“Name” can be found on their full length debut, It’s All in Your Head which also dropped today – so pick up a copy! It’s got 11 tracks, is 11 bucks and has free shipping at the moment! The album also features Derek Kan of Magnetic North, Taiyo Na, Pigeon John, dumbfoundead, JK Films, Traphik, IZ, and verseatile. Support the band, support these artists.

1. dreamers
2. be ft. derek kan (magnetic north) + taiyo na
3. horizon
4. til i’m found
5. name ft. paul dateh
6. forever pt 2
7. not one for words
8. the people intro
9. the people
10. fr*a ft. pigeon john, dumbfoundead, just kidding films, traphik, iz, verseatile
11. gone

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