Furis Releases the “Batter Up” Promo MV

Check out this promotional video for “Batter Up” from Furis’s free Float On mixtape released earlier this year. It’s a dope track and considering that it’s mainly a promo video, it does the job well enough. In my opinion he should have dropped something like this either before or closely following the release of the mixtape but I guess 6 months later it’s a good reminder for those to cop it if they haven’t already.

One thought on “Furis Releases the “Batter Up” Promo MV

  1. N I C E !!! FURIS is one of my favorates from back in cali , he is a very good musician and i like his sound/style , the promotional video is dope too and it was shot by non other then sean rhee who is also a dope artist , i love how all these homies support eachother back in the nabe! unlike “cut throat lamestream mainstream” media,all these guys got my deep respect bigtime !!!!!keep up the great work furis,can’t wait until it drops:)

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