Just ‘Cause: The Surprise Music Speaks 2010 Video for AJ Rafael

What do Kev Jumba, Ryan Higa, Chester See, JRA, Cathy Nguyen, Jesse Barrera, Andrew Garcia, Victor Kim, WongFu Productions, Jasmine Rafael, Jenny Suk, Summer Breeze, Melissa Polinar, Raelynne Rosales, Nessa Rica, Carissa Rae, Andrew Rhim, Melvin Gutierrez, PMAC, Adrian Per, Ubetunes, SquareMarden, Christine Concepcion, RB, Passion, and the rest of the Rafael Family have in common? They are all close to AJ Rafael in one form or another and have decided to put together a surprise video clip to show their love and support for the man, musician, friend, and family member that he is. This clip was made and revealed at Music Speaks 2010, the benefit concert organized by AJ in support of Autism, completely to his surprise. It’s a touching glimpse at the friendships and relationships that surround him.

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