WTF: Soulchef – Remember When

I wasn’t familiar with Soulchef before this week, nor is he an Asian American, but his album Remember When is this Week’s Thursday Freebie on a-Tunes. Why? Well first of all, Vox Merger & Hydroponikz are among the list of MC’s featured on the album and secondly, this is just a plain sick collection of tracks. After hearing the songs and then reading the following description, I knew I would love this release… and it doesn’t disappoint.

Remember When Hip Hop was this? Remember When Hip Hop was that? At a time where the future of Hip Hop is regularly questioned, and the constant debate about what’s “real” is still a hot topic; it’s often times hard to see beyond the obvious. When the same songs from the 70s and 80s were not only remixed in the 90s, but re-remixed again in the 2000s. When live instruments have been replaced with repetitive sounds. SoulChef’s release “Remember When…” takes a look back at the yesteryear of hip hop. His soulfully jazzy approach at production is mixed with live instruments and complimented by a talented line-up of artists who help paint his picture. This 10 track album is a nostalgic look at the fundamental Hip Hop we all originally fell in love with.

I haven’t heard all the tracks yet, but both Vox Merger & Hydro kilt their respective joints. If you’re a Hip-Hop head on any level, I think you’ll appreciate this one. Props to all the artists involved and to Soulchef for the awesome production.

DL the album here.

7 thoughts on “WTF: Soulchef – Remember When

  1. Thanks for reviewing the album. Vox Merger and Hydroponiks tracks are dope! Support Asian hiphop. I am unknown suspect and I have tracks 7 and 10 on the album and I am a Korean MC! That makes 3 Asian MCs on this album. Download this free album!

    1. Oh wow, no doubt! Thanks for letting us know. Do you have a twitter that we can follow to keep track on wassup with your music?

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