D-League Drops the MV for “Denzel”

Here’s another single and music video off D-League’s Almost Famous called “Denzel”. The song is heavily inspired by who else? Denzel Washington. Now DW has played some pretty epic characters over the years, and I can understand why they chose to put together a song in his likeness, but the MV didn’t fit for me. The song itself is pretty decent, and it’s kind of fun to try and catch all the references but to the contrary, the MV felt unimaginative. Don’t get me wrong, DRE films does everything technically right… but compared to the song it lacked creativity. The quality is fantastic, and the edits and cuts were clean but it’s yet another hip-hop video with rappers, cars and girls… some of whom are stuck in permanent duck face mode. If the video was as inspired as the song, it’d be an all around winner but at the very least you can still DL the mixtape for free and listen to the Track as often as you’d like.

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