Snapshot: JRA x Tommy C x Joseph Vincent x Lil Crazed x Traphik x Krystle Cruz x J Reyez & More Sing Aerosmith

OK, I know I’m posting this as part of our snapshot series and it’s not a photo, but what is a movie but a bunch of still images moving at many frames per second right? This is just one of those moments that I’m glad was captured and shared with the world. As many of you know, a bunch of Youtube stars were brought out to the Academy of Heroes event in Toronto. Well these guys don’t just perform together, they fellowship together too and it’s awesome to see them take their relationships past the professional and in the personal. It’s hard to spot everyone but I spied JRA, Tommy C of IBU, Joseph Vincent, Lil Crazed, Traphik, J Reyez and Krystle Cruz all belting out Aerosmith’s popular single.

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