JRA Shares “Try This”

With all the new fans JRA has been accumulating since his song “By Chance (You & I)” was used in the latest Wong Fu short A.S.S., he isn’t the type to make sure new and old followers alike would be left in want. Today he’s shared a new (well sorta new, it was written last year) song entitled “Try This”. This one was a little on the dull side for me but it could be the lack of additional instrumentation.

Lyrics after the break.

As I lay here, right by your side
not a care crosses my mind
get away from it all
enveloped in your eyes

lets take a breath
take a new look
understand what’s going on in our hearts, and start

Let’s roll the dice & see where they land
although at times it may get out of hand
maybe this might be a hit & miss, but I think we should try this

now i’m not one to gamble
but you’re too good to just sample
so i’mma take a leap
and take risk for love
yeah, said it
and never before have i meant it
this much, not this much

You might think i’m crazy
Probably think he’s out of his mind
Since the day I met you baby
I’m feelin’ that you could be mine

But let’s take this one day at a time

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