Showdown: Jason Yang vs Clara Chung vs Erin Kim x GOWE

The “Rocketeer” covers just won’t stop! Today Clara Chung dropped her own rendition on the bubbling follow-up single to “Like a G6” from the Far East Movement’s major label debut and it’s inspired another Showdown post. We’ve already shared several covers already but we’ve picked three new ones to compare and have you vote for your favorite.

Jason Yang works his instrumental mojo to craft a non-vocal version of the song. Clara brings her trademark charm to the song & arrangement. Lastly, Seattle Kollaboration 2010 competitors and now collaborators Erin Kim & GOWE (along with Travis Graham) have teamed up for their own rendition a little more faithful to the original. So which version were you liking more?

Jason Yang

Clara Chung

Erin Kim x GOWE

Vote for your favorite!


7 thoughts on “Showdown: Jason Yang vs Clara Chung vs Erin Kim x GOWE

  1. All of them are actually really unique but I must say, Erin and GOWE shit me out the sky.
    Beautiful cover, kudos to all three of them, Erin, GOWE, and Travis!

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