DUKE Returns with “Been Awhile”

The title “Been Awhile” is fairly appropriate as it’s been months since we last heard an original solo track from Schoolboy DUKE. This song continues to prove that DUKE’s got a good ear for Hip-pop, with a knack for crafting catchy tracks. Great beat selection too but it’s too it’s a pity he’s got a version that still has the tags in it. Sorry, no DL link at the moment, hopefully he’ll post it up soon.

Lyrics after the break.

Verse 1:
I understand I aint always there
But I aint Jesus cant be in two places
Face it we’re on the brink of recession
And we aint progression, you can say we learned our lesson
And sometimes, we gotta break up to make up
And make up to build up somethang that was broken down
What was lost and found, keep you safe and sound
Baby I need you now
Ye, I did you wrong
Selfish of me to keep you
But you didn’t understand all the things that Ive been through
For you, for you and me only
Held me down even when Im with the homeys
You chose me, when I was ugly in the inside
When I was going on a downside
Like bonny and clyde, you’ve been down to ride
Take on the world, just you and I

Verse 2:
I understand, I mighta did you wrong
Thinking our glass cup was only half full
But we had everythang that we needed
We killed it, cause we didnt know how to use it, abused it
Now, we beatin ourselves to the ground
Feeling only numbness all around
Down, Like Jay Sean
But I’m ready to get up
Without you I got none
So, look me in the eyes
Real eyes, realize, real lies
You gone, this life, aint life
Through trials and tribulations
Prevail like Kobe and the whole Laker nation
Patience, is what we gotta strive for
Love, is what we needa fight for
Like bonny and clyde, you’ve been down to ride
Take on the world, just you and I

Put yo hands up if ya feel me
If you hurtin with me, let me see it
Breakin you down, this aint easy
Cause you know, she the one, you wanna be with (x2)

Verse 3:
So I grab her by the arm
And I mean you no harm
I just wanna put it out
Cause you rang my alarm
Plus I know I messed up
So I wanna apologize
Admit that I did wrong
Unlike the other guys
And you are the one for me
Without you I can hardly breathe
Like bonny and clyde, you’ve been down to ride
Take on the world, just you and I

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