Illmillion Releases New Single – “Put That On Everything” [Free DL]

The auto-tune kid, better known as Illmillion has a new single out called “Put That on Everything”. I found this to be one of Ill’s stronger releases in a while. It’s too bad the guy used a beat with tags in it, but it was a great selection. Well at the very least it’s a free DL, one that I recommend. His flow gets a bit repetitive but I still enjoyed this one. Get it free here.

they think they know about me,
they think they know all of me,
i’m not ashamed, to say a lot of things,
so i’ma put that on everything.

[Verse 1]
i was that kid they picked on, but nobody knows about that,
when you listen to this song, i’m just nobody without rap,
i’ve always been bout hip-hop, but how long til this shit stops?
they know about my anger, they know i’m always ticked off,
how could i even move on? i’m so afraid of what’s next,
how could i make these new songs? when i’m afraid of success,
i’ve never had a teacher, so i was always self-taught,
no one there to believe in, i wasn’t always well off.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
my family wasn’t there though, my mom was always working,
my dad’s about the same too, my sister isn’t perfect,
no matter what i’d go through, my self-esteem was so low,
i know they call me cocky, obviously they don’t know,
i’ve always been insecure, about my whole appearance,
about the music i do, still i hope no one hears this,
there’s no best friend to vent to, i can’t just clear my system,
forgive me girls i’ve dated, i’ve always feared committment.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
i joined the military, cause i was scared of college,
i always slacked in high school, it would attack my conscious,
my friends believe i’d make it, but i would be realistic,
that made me lose my passion, so now i feel indifferent,
nobody comes up to me, they say intimidation,
those who talk bad about me, say that it isn’t hating,
you know about my group though, illmocity’s the movement,
yeah i know what a crew is, but sometimes i’m exclusive.

[Chorus x2]

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