Jenny Suk Sings a New Original – “No Good”

Here’s another acoustic original from a female artist, this time by Jenny Suk. She puts a little bluesy soul into this song and it came out great. Even though she’s a talented guitarist and singer, I kind of wished she had someone playing the 6 string so she could put all her focus on her vocals. She sounded great but it would have been awesome to see her go all out and not have to worry about the instrument.

we were there for a while
told me all your stories
you sat close to me.

You knew it all along
that i was the kind of


that someone like you
should never recall
but you seem to stray way
from whats told your way

i told you many times before
this could be a battlefield
i suggest you put on your shield.


oh baby
i believe colors will change
for everyone

oh baby.
lukewarm emotions
won’t get nowhere far

so this is why im no good for you

i do wonder sometimes
if you have grown weary
have i crossed the line

in the heat of the fight
i would turn and walk off
right out of sight.

So someone like you should never

so this is why i’m no good for

everybody knows.
i see you pacing’
you should not impose
and i cant
promise ill be here tomorrow

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