Tony T Nguyen Releases the “Two of Us” MV

Singer/composer Tony T Nguyen has often done a lot of things behind the scenes, hosting events and composing music for other artists, but every once in a while he steps out on his own in a big way. For this song “Two of Us” he enlists the writing help of Kristine Sa while Connie Lim lends her vocals to the track. The video is pretty impressive, filled with plenty of Minority Report-esque effects and stylish flourishes abound. It’s a great visual for an intriguing track. I’m always a fan when artists aren’t afraid to get creative with their work. If you like the track, pick it up on iTunes or Amazon!

Two of Us

The numbers on this clock
They haven’t changed for days
Is this how I should feel
Transcending time and space

We move and inch
and all this commotion, this release
I’m at a loss for words
What is this feeling in me?

Well there was a time that
The most simple thing is all we need
As if I once knew it

There was a world where
What matters is simple as can be
There was nothing to it

My skin and flesh can see
The deepest part of me

My heart remembers all that space
My lips remember how you taste
Another time, another place

Heartbeats racing
Fingers tracing
Empty spaces
Raw emotion

Crawling under
Spilling over
Still together
Still in motion

Scream in silence
Quiet guidance
Safe reliance
Deep as oceans

I can faintly recall how it was

So here we are
Wherever here and now may be

I close my eyes
But I still see you seeing me

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