Jay Park Releases a “6’7′” Remix

Someone enlisted Jay into a crash course for rap because he continues to show significant improvement with every drop. His flow is more polished than ever and his punches have gone from mostly slightly corny to mostly pretty decent. This is also the most uncensored we’ve ever heard him, in stark contrast to his clean boy-band days from just a year or so ago. If he keeps up this rate, he’s gonna be a rap heavyweight soon enough.

infinite bars i’mmah monster truck killin u cars
black hole diminishin stars the kid pissin u off
i’m the missle the bomb explosives blowin hittin you hard
never witnessed something so great prolly think u seen god
i’ll break ur wrist and ur arms hip ribs and ur jaws
with a flick of my fist bitch kid mission accomp
lished if u still live come back i’ll finish you off
electrical current in the water and yall fish in a pond
so dead and so gone fruit make u like eve and her hus
band if my name was steve u couldnt be takin my job /
man i’mmah innovator inspirator instigator, see u later/
sip ur hatorade and make a drink its called yellow flavah/
the hottest product out and yall be my buyer
pass me out put me up all walls cause i be flier/
though i changed ur wheels before i’ll never get tired
im spittin shit that so hot i should prolly go get fired/
molded into greatness and no i am not plato
i am popeyes spinach yall just couch potatoes
make chips out u and and maby putchu in a bag/
cause yall flow be garbage man lookin like trach/

i’m on the top ur bottom cause yall lookin like ass/
u must be a ciggarette cuz yall lookin like/
if u think ur dope then maybe i’ll will smoke u
no chip on ur shoulder i will give u a broke tooth/
acting like a tree but we both know u got no roots
on the dance floor i am more funkier then old food.
yup, what i started doin just a try/
now i am no student art of movement till i die/
i got some different shit in me oozin up inside
ull be like man i wouldnt my losin to this guy

i be ps12 and yall nintendo the old/
i got so many bars its where i’m gettin my gold
yall just sucky poker playas destined to fold
all u boys to men this is the end of the road
jacob from twilight cause i go and be on beast mode
eatin mother fuckahs because i be on feast mode
raps a naked eskimo and u flow be the least cold
if u dont like that there its fuck you like i’m CEE-lo/
its not friday but i’m debo/
get off the planet there no room for my ego
i get it done and kick a punch this shit is just a minimum
i’m every super hero super villan all mixed in one/
man u know i mastered the craft kid u seen it/
ill take the apple off the back of ur mac and eat it/

you mistaken if u ever think jays soft
i’m from nordstorms about to rip ur retail off
in this game no ball invovled no west east play offs
jus cause i sing do not mean i’mma female dog
i’m that blue thing from xmen u tired than take a rest than
like to stick i rub together a pad and a felt pen create fire so u meltin raps is what i’m best in
gotchur head bobbin like all of u r yesmen
like fish on my line takin the bait i place
i should change my name to tom cause u can’t take my space
just movin along the lines man base by base
until i hit home and make everyone say my name
i’mmah lyrical miracle please dont take offense when i spit at chu
its like a ritual cause i’mmah make u see my vision too
no vision one ur visions done like vision impaired listen son
i’m sharp off the top head lookin like the simpsons son
there are no janitors so my dome is a mess
like my moms name is blessin i was born for sucess
no room to evovle here man i got the tightest style
i’m my own hardest crictin i don need no simon cowell

my time is now

gon milk it like a cow

give yall black eyes like boom boom pow

i aint never gonna fail i’ve lost it now
better send me to jail i’m the problem child
make cheddah all day at stack the piles
i’m gonna prevail suckah spartan style
the king of the castle dumbledore
dont got no more steps left to stumble more
continue fight in this rumble yo/
till my heart can not pump no more
never had a kid made it look this easy
breezy like them cover girl beezies
voice that’ll make them girls feel freaky
dance like them crews on abdc
so incredible give u the heebie geebies
nobody be sayin that he be greedy
all for the fam man see we beastin
give u night mares if u feelin sleepy

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