Bruno Mars Strikes Up Plea Deal; Avoids Jail Time

You may remember last fall, singer Bruno Mars was arrested on drug charges after a show in Las Vegas. Well it’s been reported that the talented musician has reached a plea deal that includes a $2000 dollar fine, drug counseling, and 200 hours of community service. Upon completion of said conditions, and if he manages to stay out of trouble for the remainder of the year, Bruno will walk away without any convictions on his record. That’s a huge opportunity to side step what would have been an ugly blow to his otherwise very promising career. Mars has been nominated for 7 Grammy nominations, let’s hope he’s able to stick around to accept any potential awards.

Source: 8asians via MTV

2 thoughts on “Bruno Mars Strikes Up Plea Deal; Avoids Jail Time

  1. what a dumbass,first of all he is a ass for doing blow before going on stage, but he was more of a ass for lettin them come inside a closed bathroom stall,it was sort of illegal for the bathroom attendent to look inside while he was inside the stall,thats concidered”off limits” as a invasion of privacy, but brono was stupid enough to let a security guard to tell him to empty his pockets while in the rest room too,a security guard is not a cop,he should have told them to efff off ,he should have just “flushed it down when the pissboy looked inside,he was mighty stupid ,he should sue the shit out of the hotel for checkin his stall while using it,he would have a case,but then again he is a stupid cokehead

  2. I know right the security guard cannot check u when u are in the stall and he is a dumbass for letting him do that like I am so mad

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