The Freshmen: Yongie Phresh Releases “Teach Me How To Yongie” Ft Decipher x Sickboi

Today we are debuting another new feature on a-Tunes, and it’s called The Freshmen. Basically this is where we feature artists who haven’t quite developed a following yet, and are still working on establishing themselves and making their official debut. Usually this will mean the artists featured here have not released any official singles, mixtapes, albums, or music videos, nor have they acquired a big fan base yet. But hey, we all have to start somewhere right? We love to see talented folks develop and grow.

But one more thing, it’s important that you the readers vote either thumbs up or thumbs down on these posts because this will help us decide which of these artists can graduate from The Freshmen and be a part of the regular rotation of a-Tunes Music News. So if you think these artists have what it takes, thumbs up! But if you don’t want to hear from em again, thumbs down!

Now, onto our first feature!

Yongie Phresh is a new face stemming out of the PA. After working closely with his fellow Philly rep Decipher, YP has decided to do his own thing, but not without the help of a few established acts. In this track he remixes the 2010 hit “Teach Me How to Dougie” by the Cali Swag District and puts his own spin on it – “Teach Me How to Yongie”. The song features veterans Decipher & Sickboi on the track. What do you guys think? Thumbs up or Thumbs down !?!

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