Mikey Bustos Releases Video for “Invincible (The Resilience Anthem)”

Whoa, this is kind of trippy. Mikey Bustos has put together a new quaisi music/performance art video for a track he calls “Invincible (The Resilience Anthem)”. The song itself a power-pop track that is pretty interesting to listen to in itself, but coupled with the video it’s a little bizarre and definitely unique. Mikey portrays three distinctive characters that all deal with trial and tribulations. I’m not sure I can say I’m a fan of the video but I’ll leave it up to you decide for yourself. The song can be found on his album from a couple years ago, Memoirs of a Superhero.

The three characters I created in this performance video represent different things. The ordinary person in the grey tank top represents a whole person. The animated, very energetic, crafty, and optimistic character with white eyes represents the spiritual self, which knows that it is perfect and resilient. His hat reads ‘Superhero’, a role which he continually plays. The shadowy silhouette character represents the physical self, forever searching deep inside for strength from the spiritual self, hence the light on the head which is reminiscent of a miner. The physical self dances amidst a barren and hostile background. The message of this entire work is that once both the physical and spiritual self are aligned, one achieves immortality and invincibility despite adversity.

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