Tablo to Speak at 2011’s KASCON 25

[EDIT] We have recieved word that Tablo will not be speaking at KASCON 25. Sorry for getting your hopes up folks, but do be sure to still check out the event. It’s gonna be great regardless! [/EDIT]

It’s a landmark year for KASCON (the Korean American Student’s Conference), as they head into their 25th event, this time hosted by Yale University in March. But what makes this news especially a-Tunes worthy is that Tablo (of Epik High) is one of the headlining speakers at the event, making one of his first public appearances since he was wrongly accused of falsifying his academic credentials. (For those of you who don’t know, the guy is kind of genius. Google it). He is joined by a ton of other speakers from different realms of influence including my fellow Kollaboration DC judges Michael Kang & Becky Lee along with the one and only Phil Yu aka Angry Asian Man.

For more information visit KASCON’s website. If you can make it out to New England don’t miss out!

Source: mtvK

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