Rooftop Pursuit Show and Interview w/ Sulu DC

Check out this new interview of Rooftop Pursuit with Sulu DC during preparation for their upcoming show this weekend. Rooftop used to go under the term the “Phil Good Band” but are in the process of stamping out a name for themselves with an upcoming MV & EP release. The interview discusses their history a little more, along with what we can expect from their upcoming projects. They even touch upon the topics of ethnicity and culture. It’s a good interview and precursor to their big event on Saturday.

Speaking of event, if you’re free and in the DC area this weekend, check out their benefit concert at the Artisphere where they are premiering their MV for “Why I Sing”. They will be joined by AMP, Amanda Lee and Brian Wang. This event is being brought to you courtesy of Sulu DC & The Jubilee Project.

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