New MV from Lil Crazed – “Getting Closer”

Rapper Lil Crazed continues to promote his last EP Equilibrium, dropping a new self-produced MV for the single “Getting Closer”. This ones got a little more R&B flavor to it and it’s not too bad of a track overall. The video on the other hand has a lot of shaky-cam action going on, and lots of random zooming. It could have used a little more polish but I’m pretty sure this one is just meant to tide everyone over until “Fading Away”.

I had a couple of close friends accompany me in creating this video by acting in it. They’re not actual actors so don’t go too hard on the criticism. And excuse the corny punch lines, this song was recorded in 2008! lol Other than that, enjoy!

~uh huh, yeah i told you wassup,
i told you i could be ya painkiller if you need a drug,
cuz he didnt treat you girl, the way you deserve,
and now the right path looks like it needs a slight swerve,
he kept you on the curb, now i see you about to merge,
towards me, cuz i’m a king, i’ll give you the world,
see i dont like to wait but i’m ready to serve,
and i’m a poetic man, im a man of my word,
and i’m real, you could even ask the fishes,
my genie’s always with me, i can grant all ya wishes,
so my advice, leave the man you with,
cuz all night, i can be the man you with,
and you can sit down, i’ll never stand you up,
be true to yourself baby i’m the man you want,
well actually, i’m the man you need,
cuz my mama taught me manners so i know how to please

~you cant deny it, baby don’t hide it,
you know we got spark ma, lets light it,
we on the same page baby lets write it,
yeah i’m in ya system but baby don’t fight it,
drop all the ties, let the truth unravel,
i see how you cry, let me be your paddel,
i aint no child, u can tell im an adult,
that dude there aint nothin but an adolescent,
tryin to keep you clean but obscene that the playa just keeps on messin,
now tell me how he ever gonna give you gifts, if the dude aint even seem to have no presence,
leave him in the past, i see what you goin through,
1, 2, 3, i’ma be there 4 you,
so i think we can pop like soda,
lets make like a magnet, i see you gettin closer

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