afterschoolspecial Remixes “Opposite of Adults” by Chiddy Bang

The rapping frontman from band afterschoolspecial looks to be flexing his MC muscle a little more. He’s got a new remix out of “Opposite of Adults” by Chiddy Bang. Haven’t seen the guy spit like this in a while. He did a pretty decent job and chose a great track to flip. Although they chose an interesting way to distribute the track. If you want a free copy of it you can e-mail and be sure to put “ADULT SONG” as the subject.

It’s a darker take on the track- reminiscing on the days of what it was like to be kid and the struggles of what it’s like now to be an adult.

And for those of you who appreciate a good live show, you can catch them on their Spring tour where they’ll be hitting up cities from SoCal to New England.

One thought on “afterschoolspecial Remixes “Opposite of Adults” by Chiddy Bang

  1. go do catch one of there live shows if you can ,i will be seeing him in the jubilee project benifit show feb 26th in NYC and the TAKEOUT goodwill benifit concert in boston march 4th in boston with David Choi,clara c, jennifer chung ,joseph vincent,wongfu and more ! get your tixs for both shows before they are gone !

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