a-Tunes News: Revamp of Critic’s Corner Section

We’re always tweaking and changing things here at a-Tunes, all to make this the best possible place for you to come for information on Asian-American music. Sometimes we roll features out quietly and others we announce them with a bang. This particular post is a little bit more of the latter.

First, let’s start off by saying we’ve had the awesome opportunity to review 30 albums so far. We’d love to review more but 2010 was a busy year filled with so many releases and not enough time to get to them all. Unfortunately this means the majority of albums that dropped between early spring and late fall 2010 fell between the cracks. We extend our sincerest apologies.

One of the reasons why we were so overwhelmed was that our previous album review system was inefficient and too lengthy to write. So we’ve retooled how we review releases so that we can provide more context on the artist and instead of discussing each and every song in detail, we’ve decided to hit the low and high points of the album and give a more general overview. The ratings are still on a 10 pt scale and we still retain our top recommended listens form the album. Oak & Gorski’s Love Destroyer is the first review to follow this format.

On that note, we should be able to churn out these reviews on a more timely and consistent basis. If you are an artist and interested in having your music reviewed, feel free to contact us at info [at] a-Tunes.net and we can discuss how to make that happen! For everyone else, please feel free to throw in your two cents about our new review format, or even tell us what you think we got right or wrong in a given review. That’s what the comments section of each post is for!

Thanks so much for your continual support and readership! a-Tunes is nothing without you all.

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