Bambu x DJ Phatrick Release “Something” [Free DL]

There are moments when I listen to a rap song and I just think, I love Hip-Hop. This is one such moment. LA’s Bambu gets down and personal on a track about domestic violence, and no joke, this is one of the realest verses I’ve heard in a while. His long time partner in crime DJ Phatrick provides the beat, utilizing a great Adele sample from the song “Someone Like You”. This is a dope track and will be on the bonus EP Short Change due in April. DL it for free here.

March, in case you were unaware, is Women’s History Month. Los Angeles’ own, Bambu, leaks a song that takes a look at domestic violence from a personal perspective. The song speaks on his family history with violence in the home, as well as his own struggles with it, even touching on the normalcy of such violence against women in our own Hip Hop culture. For this one, DJ Phatrick stepped out from behind the turntables to produce, sampling Adele’s “Someone Like You.” A video is set to drop at the end of the month and the song will also be included on Bambu’s …Exact Change… re-release bonus EP, Short Changed, dropping on April 29, 2011 through Beatrock Music Label.

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