The Freshmen: Daniel Kim – “All I Need Is You”

Why don’t we start off the week with a new Freshmen feature, where we feature artists who haven’t quite developed a following yet, and are still working on establishing themselves and making their official debut. Remember it’s important that you the readers vote either thumbs up or thumbs down on these posts because this will help us decide which of these artists can graduate from The Freshmen and be a part of the regular rotation of a-Tunes Music News.

Daniel Kim is a musician out of Michigan whom I’ve had the privilege of seeing him perform live. I remember he sang one of his tunes called “All I Need Is You” at this coffeehouse event and I distinctly recall being impressed by the the raw and simple power of the track. It appears he’s finally put down a studio version of the track and has just dropped the official MV for the song. I think the studio version loses a little bit of it’s raw live energy but it’s a clean, well balanced mix. The video is sharp, standard DSLR fare really – an appropriate visual given the song content. But of course my say means nothing, it’s all about your vote. Wanna hear more from Daniel Kim on a-Tunes? Thumbs up! You’d rather pass? Thumbs down. Let us know!

I don’t care what they say
i’ll do whatever it takes
to have you back in my place
all i want is you to stay

all i want is you
all i want is you
all i want is you

they can say what they want
and call me insane
but i won’t care, i wont care
they can give me lies
tell me how to survive
but i know that, i know that

all i need i you
all need is you
all i need is you

I don’t care what they say
all i need is you to stay
right beside me
right beside me
you’re the air that i breathe
you make me complete
when you’re right here beside me

all i need is you….

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