“Ode to a Bird (Bambino)” by Sam Hart

Here’s an interesting new song from Sam Hart. It’s called “Ode to a Bird (Bambino)” and was inspired by the death of a bird. The topic is a little off putting at first but at it’s core you’ll find a heartfelt, if not slightly overly emotional, tune that is heavy with sadness. I thought this was one of his better songs, at least out of those with darker subject matter. Poor bird.

you’ve got a smile that the others don’t see
and a look in your eyes when you listen to me
singing I will believe you if ever you leave me I will

if it was anyone’s fault it was certainly mine
but it was you who was broken in front of my eyes
and if they hadn’t pulled me away
I would be with you still

fly home bambino
they don’t know you
oh bambino
fly home bambino
they will hurt you
when they hold you
oh bambino

did you feel pain when you took to the wing
was it always the heartache and never the sting
and can anything ever be golden
like they say it is

throwing away any colors of mine
we can cross into heaven but never the shine
and is it breaking your heart on the warm dotted line
just to feel something real for the very first time

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