Worst Ever: Dumbest MJ Cover EVER

Sigh. I have no words. From the off key singing to the divo attitude and repetitive shouting of “ITS NOT MY TRACK!”… along with the s-bomb as the cherry on top… This will go down in history as one of the worst covers of an Michael Jackson track ever. Watch this kid’s attempt at “Black […]

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Young Chariz Shares an EPK

EPKs (electronic press kits), especially of the video variety, are basically an artist’s interview with themselves. Young Chariz has one out that you can watch below. It adds a little bit of contextual depth to the Bay Area rapper, helping you scratch just a little beyond the surface on who Chariz really is. Same time, […]

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AJ Rafael Shares “Without You”

San Diego’s Jesse Barrera is staying busy, helping yet another artist record an album – AJ Rafael! AJ took a few moments to step away from recording to share a track (“Without You”) that will be included on the album. They reportedly were very excited about this one and couldn’t wait to give you all […]

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Joseph Vincent & Richard Marx Covers “Dance With My Father” by Luther Vandross

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard this song by Luther Vandross, “Dance With My Father.”  It’s one of those songs that’s really sad but joyful song.  I say that because it’s talking about his memories with his father but at the same time it’s really sad since the father has passed away.  Joseph Vincent […]

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