Snapshot: A Young Bruno Mars

We said young right? Because we meant it. Can’t exactly remember where I came across this photo… I believe it was somewhere in the twitter-verse but here’s a young Bruno, already killing it on stage back in the 80’s or early 90’s. Just to think… he’d be doing the exact same thing but in front […]

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Maribelle Anes x freshKiDD x Ldy Lickem Present “Superhero” [Free DL]

X freshK I came across this interesting collab today, an all female ensemble by way of Maribelle Anes, freshKiDD and Ldy Lickem. The track is called “Superhero” and is an upbeat Pop/Rap ditty that’s both fairly catchy and enjoyable. It’s always refreshing to see girls jump into the genre and these three have managed to keep […]

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Sam Hart Sings “Broken As I Am”

It appears that Sam Hart is really starting to embrace  a country sound with his songs. For his latest, “Broken As I Am”, he sings a simplistic heartfelt tune about lasting love along and incorporates some random “romantic” visuals with various props and figurines. I thought this is one of his better recent releases, and […]

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