[Album Release] City Boy – D.E.R.E.Z. 2 [Free DL]

He’s been talking about it for months but the D.E.R.E.Z. 2 mixtape by City Boy has finally dropped. There is a ton of material here, 24 tracks in fact. Look for features from Toestah on , Tommy C, Nikko Dator, Jay Renz, Crazed and more. On top of that he threw in 5 bonus tracks that aren’t officially part of the release but are included as well. It’s a totally free DL, available here.

Tracklist after the break.

  1. Intro
  2. Once Again Its On
  3. Maybe I Do – ft. Toestah
  4. Na Na Na Na
  5. However You Want It
  6. One In A Million – ft. AJMDouble F & Shizzy Sixx
  7. Tonight – ft. Kayla Hang
  8. Kiss Of Life
  9. Sober Up
  10. Long Distance
  11. Farther
  12. Miss When I’m Gone
  13. What? No! (Skit)
  14. This For You
  15. Love You Down – ft. Tommy C.
  16. Hoe Please – ft. Trixx & Nikko Dator
  17. Novacane
  18. She Got Me – ft. Alo
  19. Drunk Matters
  20. Throwback
  21. Livin’ It Up – ft. Jay Renz & Lil Crazed
  22. Remember You
  23. Godammit, I Said No! (Skit)
  24. C4 At Your Door – ft. Shizzy SixxJewlz & Certifyde

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