[Single Release] Verseatile – “Dreamchaser” [Free DL]

To celebrate hitting 10K subscribers on Youtube, rapper Verseatile has just released a song titled “Dreamchaser” for his fans. It’s an easy listen with a slow but haunting hook. V states that a video is in the works too and will drop in the near future. If you like the song get it for a free DL here. Lyrics after the break.

Verse 1:
I woke up feeling emptier, than ever before in my life, this was familiar/ I couldn’t figure out the time and the place, a woman laying next to me, I had trouble recognizing her face/ my heart was beating, but inside I felt it was bleeding, I couldn’t take it any longer of the way it was treated/ I thought she loved me, told me I was all that she needed, but in reality, I was only fooling myself/ she was the only one that ever cared, that ever shared, the only one that I compared, to breathing air/ until one day, in one moment, my heart shattered, into a million different pieces and they all got scattered/ it didn’t matter, I knew she wasn’t right from the start, how did I let her get so close to me right into my heart/ I was so foolish, thinking it was love we were making, but I was faking it for the sake of the dream I was chasing/ she’s gone

Dreamchaser, feel the highs and feel the lows, see ya later, no goodbyes and no hellos, love to hate her, she turns me on then turns me off, still I chase her, still I chase her

Verse 2:
Staring out the window, I can see the raindrops falling down, hoping and wishing she would one day call me out/ why do I miss her when she isn’t the one, and when the love already ended and the pain has begun/ I’m having problems, distinguishing the right from the wrong, attempt to solve ’em, the reason why I’m writing this song/ I pray to God, for every time she gets in my head, that my focus and concentration is on Him instead/ my heart is fragile, but I let it slide through my fingers, I disregarded the heartbreak, all the pain that had lingered/ what was I thinking, is this the part when shame is upon me, cuz I won’t ever take the blame for what was something beyond me/ I never knew, the consequences of my emotions, I started drowning my sorrows into a fantasy ocean, I wanted you, but you were just a poisonous potion and left me dying all alone, feeling hopeless and broken/ I’m gone

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