[Album Release] Young Chariz – It’s Curtains

After hearing about the album for months, you can now hear the actual album itself. It’s Curtains, the latest LP from Bay area rapper Young Chariz has just dropped today. The 16 track release features artists like Mike-Dash-E, Jayne Rio, J. Voqalz and more. For those that have been keeping up, we’ve already heard “The Next Level“, “No Talkin‘”, “The Way She Moves“, and “Do the Damn Thing” but there are a slew of other joints for you to discover. Get it now on iTunes & Amazon.

  1. The Next Level
  2. We Here (feat. Sir Verse)
  3. Igorilla
  4. Listen To The Streets (feat. The Jacka)
  5. Good Love (feat. Mike Dash E & Jayne Rio)
  6. 100% The Kind (feat. Nio Tha Gift)
  7. Did You Hear That
  8. No Talkin’
  9. Tennishoes (feat. Heem Marteen & Young Doj)
  10. Run My Game
  11. The Way She Moves (feat. San Quinn & Elijah Henry)
  12. Lullaby (feat. Barnone & Cb)
  13. Do Tha Damn Thang (feat. J.Voqalz)
  14. I’m So Blown (feat. Ac)
  15. Flows Is Dope (feat. Dj Jetski)
  16. The Final Curtain

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