[Single Release] Gabe Bondoc – “Sober”

The latest Gabe Bondoc track may throw you for a loop. “Sober” is GB’s newest single and has a very different sound from what we’ve become accustomed to. Gone is the bluesy pop/rock vibe, instead replaced by a more Drake-ish feel with Gabe putting on his rapping cap in addition to his usual crooning. I gotta say, it may be different but it’s a nice switch up. Get the full song from his Big Cartel store.

Mulling over a simple keyboard and drum loop, the idea of a love in constant flux came to mind:

The chemicals saturate her brain, repositioning the synapses into an arrangement that accepts him as more… more than that hilarious friend, more than that shoulder she cries on. His potential is revealed. She realizes that he’s much sweeter and more handsome than she had been caring to reveal. Feelings she had subconsciously repressed, to preserve the love for a friend, wash over her in a flood of emotion. She wonders how long she’d already been in love with him.

But just as quickly as the wall is destroyed, another is rebuilt in its place. The light in her eyes are dimmed to their original setting. The feelings in her heart go back into hiding. Did she reveal too much? He’s acting normally, as he always does. She concludes that he understands.

And unfortunately, he does.

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