The Freshmen: Carnivo – “20 Dollars” MV

I’m thinking that the time is ripe for a new Freshmen feature, where we spotlight artists who haven’t quite developed a following yet, and are still working on establishing themselves. Remember it’s important that you, the readers, vote either thumbs up or thumbs down on these posts because this will help us decide which of these artists can graduate from The Freshmen and be a part of the regular rotation of a-Tunes Music News.

This time around we have a new music video by Southern California rapper Carnivo, a member of the Troubadours along with crew member Aero-K (who directed the video). The visuals are for his lead single “20 Dollars” off his album Not So Lucky, released earlier this year. Carnivo has a style that reminds me a little bit of what a mixture of Dumb & Geo might sound like. C definitely stays busy behind the mic and shows promise but ultimately it’s up to you all as to whether or not you’d like to see more of him on a-Tunes.

So exercise your democratic rights and let us know if you want more Carnivo on the site by voting thumbs up. If “20 Dollars” is more than enough, then hit the thumbs down.

7 thoughts on “The Freshmen: Carnivo – “20 Dollars” MV

  1. Carnivo is just so dope ,he is not a “freshman” but a grad !! we already give him airplay on the RADIO ! in both canada,the states and even got homies in korea & brazil spinnin his tracks ,Carnivo is a good artist and please vote him up on this 🙂 glad to know him and really enjoy his music

  2. I’m gonna say it, when I see a person with this amount of talent lurkin around and no people found him, I wanna punch someone in the face and scream down their face to get him further. Carnivo is dope since I was introduced to him (and many other artists) by a friend. He’s the real deal.

  3. suuuuper good artist. Just checked out all his other stuff too on his website [ ] and i gotta admit hes legit! very unique voice and i heard he produces all his own beats! Truly the next breed of rappers to bring hiphop back to its essence. KEEP EM COMING CARNIVOO!


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