[Song Preview] Paul Dateh – “Hello/Goodbye”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been curious as to why we haven’t heard any new, original material from Paul Dateh. He breaks the proverbial creative silence today with a preview of a new song tentatively titled “Hello/Goodbye”. Although still a work in progress, Paul wanted to share his new creative direction and sound along with a little explanation. I’ll let you read it for yourself below.

it’s been well over a year since i’ve released new material. it’s not that i haven’t been writing or recording; it’s just that i’ve been struggling to figure out what kind of music i want to make next.

after many, many months of trial and error, i feel that i’m now finally at a point where i’m comfortable in starting to let you listen in on my progress.

here’s a draft recording of a song i’ve codenamed “hello/goodbye”. the title might change as the song gets closer to completion, but it at least fits the bill, for now.

i’ll keep working on this track (and others as well), but i hope you enjoy this draft version in the meantime.

talk to you soon,

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