JRA Says Please “Don’t Fall For Me”!

Taking a step back from his usual acoustic numbers, JRA has posted up a more conventional R&B track called “Don’t Fall For Me”. No matter the style, Mr Aquino sounds as great as ever and has even put together a little promo music video for it as well. You can catch it just below, followed by the lyrics after the break. No word yet on if/when the song may see an official release.

Now I’m a sneak out
before the birds start chirpin’
before you wake up
cause I don’t want fuck up your heart
I’d rather leave this in the dark
I can hear your heartbeat knockin’ for me
when it really should be watching’ out for me
cause I know that I shouldn’t
or maybe I know that I wouldn’t

Take care of your heart girl we should wait
cause I know deep down inside I still wanna play

I’m just being real
take it or leave it baby
this is how I feel
not saying this isn’t meant to be

i know you don’t agree with the situation
you steady keep on contemplation’
if you should stay waiting
but just listen to me

Now I don’t wanna be held down cause I
can’t bear the thought of seeing you cry

and if you don’t either, I suggest you leave
and you’ll just leave it be
cause I just can’t

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