Lil Crazed Says to “Take My Hand” [MV]

Lil Crazed releases the MV to a sobering dedication song about the passing of his cousin called “Take My Hand”. There’s  nothing fancy here, just raw expression and that’s probably for the best. The heartfelt track is a part of his Equilibrium EP album that dropped last year. Check below for Crazed’s explanation of the track along with the lyrics after the break.

My cousin passed away 6 years ago today. He was the first person to ever tell me that I have a chance with my music career even though I sounded like sh*t back then. The point was, he believed in me if I believed in myself. Thank you, Slim. You helped me turned a dream into reality. I love you. See you when I get there.

The lyrics are originally from a different song I did back in 2006 titled “Can’t Wait To See You” but I decided that the lyrics were too strong to just throw on a sampled track. I ended up re-recording the lyrics with Mike Kalombo in his studio in 2008 and released it on my “Equilibrium” EP that dropped last year.

~it’s been a few years now, time flys,
it was like yesterday, i was wipin my eyez,
from my criez, of you leaving my life,
but i realize, why cry, when you in paradise,
dont get me wrong i still miss you to this day,
and i wish you could witness your lil cousin on the stage,
but some things change, its the way thingz go,
21st birthday, probably got your wings and halo,
but you’ve always been an angel in disquise,
and now slim, you’re an angel in the skies,
sit bak and put your picture to the side,
close my eyez, wit my head up high, i reminisce your life,
thinkin bout the times we had way bacc, we were wreccless,
flashbaccs to the past aint as bad as i expected
but you aint gone, now you just live in the sky,
cuz you had one life to live and you were too sicc to die

~A Boy, how you livin up in Heaven cuhz,
even tho you aint here, you know that we still sendin love,
and i know you stayin true up there,
cuhz i look outside, the sky is blue up there,
you recall the night i gave you a ride in my car,
you said keep rhymin and in no time you’ll be a star
well you dont know this but i took that to the heart,
and i used those words to motivate me to get this far,
and now i’m doing big thangs like you said i would,
i know i’m gonna make it one day cuhz you said i could,
cuz if i want it bad enough, it’ll end up good,
you supported me, not too many understood,
i dont think you understand how much you meant to me,
but things happen fo a reason, this was meant to be,
cuz now aint nothin hard, you livin heavenly,
and since life goes on, just REST in peace

~A Slim, you werent like anybody else,
when i called for you, you never hesitate to help,
so, the day you left i cant express how i felt,
and it hurts to talk to you cuz its like talkin to myself
but i know you hear me, loud and clear,
cuz the only thing between us is the clouds and air,
man i cant wait to see you again,
tell great grand daddy i said hi, i know you with him,
and our great uncle too the one that past from cancer,
i know u up there with them now happy as ever
not to mention your sister you lost when you were younger,
who woulda thought a few years later you’d be together
haha i’m done mournin your death i’m celebratin ya life,
cuz whenever darkness falls, eventually it getz bright,
so yeah i’ma make it through now i’ll manage
by the way i dont love you to death, i love you past it

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