Will Kina Grannis Be “The One You Say Goodnight To”? [Live Performance]

Subway has been a surprising supporter of great independent talent. For example, their latest Subway Session series features the awesome Kina Grannis in an impromtu performance of her song “The One You Say Goodnight To” (off her Stairwells album) at the West 4th station in New York. It’s a fun, but short clip filled with ambient sounds for atmosphere though I could have appreciated if they mic’d up and focused a bit more on her soothing vocals more.

[Edit: Thanks to a reader for clarifying, this musical series are not affiliated with the food chain and is not to be confused with the Subway Fresh Buzz series that previously featured FM & Jennifer Chung among others]

4 thoughts on “Will Kina Grannis Be “The One You Say Goodnight To”? [Live Performance]

  1. Subway Sessions isn’t actually affiliated with Subway the restaurant – It’s just called Subway Sessions because the artists are in subway stations.

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