Trixx & Tommy C Release the “Far Away” Remix MV

KiD’s Trixx looks to be branching out on his own, stepping out of Crazed’s shadow. His new MV features the frequent collaborator & IBU group member Tommy C. They remix the Tyga song “Far Away” and have put out a decent pop rap song. To be honest, it’s hard to do wrong with this beat. The MV is mostly your standard fare but I like some of the locales they used for the shoot. Not bad considering the two’s parts looked to have been filmed completely separately.

Once I left told me id regret it
words in my head and im trying to forget it
exactly how im feline, killin knowin you meant it
now im wishin to myself you would of never said it
I keep your name tatted deeply in my heart
and those letters project a beautiful piece of art
your soul to my body we couldn’t be apart
you chose to be down to EARTH i had to be a STAR
when darkness falls ill help the moon light up the air
promised from the start never let a noun interfere
broken by me cuz your there and im here
what was only rain has now turned severe

Costly decision to how i spend my life
you only live once im wishing it was twice
cuz id rewind time erase all the fights
them cold nights where i didn’t hold you tight
sittin in this SLUMP ive been tryna find my way
back to my FIONA but she’s FAR FAR AWAY
sendin you this letter i hope yu press play
then listen to the words that my heart has to say
i could never make up for your heart aches
theres a will, theres a way, ill do whatever it takes
the love we shared i don’t ever want to lose
either you or my career what a catch 22

Na na na nah 
If I could turn back 
If I could make it right 
I’d do just that 
If I could make it right
I’d do it all tonight
 Hold you in my arms, with you I’d spend my life

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