Chosen One & Doc Whisper Form New Band – Vary-Us

Chosen One & Doc Whisper have both joined a new band called Vary-Us that features Jason Lee on the guitar, David Lockeretz on bass, female vocalists Claire Rifelj and Rebecca Park, Sam Grewall on the drums, Lora Felicity on the keys and a few folks on the brass and horn sections. Vary-Us appears to have an acoustic Hip-Hop sound to them, somewhat similar to the Roots. Should be interesting to see what comes out of the group.

In related news, you can check out a new collab joint by Chosen & Furis called “In the Flesh” after the break.

One thought on “Chosen One & Doc Whisper Form New Band – Vary-Us

  1. this is going to be superdope as i both really like Chosen and DocWhisper, both are good friends and now with a full live band ,can’t see to hear where this goes but i bet you “Vary-Us” is going to be really good and real as all too ,both these musicians are awesome just by themselves ,Chosen is strong lyrically and musicially and DocWhisper is such a good rapper and a inspirational & spiritial artist. i am DEFINITELY giving them all my fullest support ! …….and expect me to get them airplay too 🙂

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