Wolftron (Kenny Choi) is “All That You Need”

Some of you may know him has Kenny Choi, others may recognize him as the front man for Daphne Loves Derby, and some may know him by his other alias Wolftron. Regardless, the man has just shared a little tune called “All That You Need” and it’s a smooth, soothing acoustic number from start to finish. It’s the perfect listen to relax on a hot summer night such as the ones we’ve been experiencing on the East coast lately. Check it out for yourself below.

Like a warm summer night
When the evening breeze feels just right
Baby your love is setting me free
Like a fire burning bright
Keeping me safe through the coldest winter nights
Baby your love is gonna save me

I want to be all that you need
I can’t wait to see where this love will take you and me
I’ll stand by your side
And we’ll make history with all the things we do
In our own little world

So many things this world demands
It takes a lifetime just to see where you stand
But baby I just want to hold your hands and take it slow
Nobody knows what tomorrow brings
Maybe sunny days or stormy seas
But all I know for sure is that my love for you will grow

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