Adam WarRock Drops ‘Irrelevant Vol. 1’

It seems that MC Adam WarRock wanted to conduct a little upkeep on his music catalog and as a result has packaged a number of tracks into a free mixtape called Irrelevant Vol. 1 for his fans to DL. It’s a bit of a musical grab-bag, giving you a pretty diverse sampling of what AW has to offer. Most are solo joints save for a couple of features, with the official track list counting in at 15. You can give it a listen by DL’ing it for absolutely free here. Check after the break for Adam’s blurb and track list.

I’ve banked a lot of tracks over the past year and a half or so. I decided to clean out my folders, throw it all on a mixtape/album, and get them out there. You might have heard some of these before, but putting them out in a more official manner was something I’ve always wanted to do. Most of this is not geeky or nerdy at all. So y’know, fair warning. Thanks to kHill & Beefy for guesting on these tracks.

1. Intro
2. Tell Me Somethin’
3. P.B.S. f/ Mikal kHill of the Thought Criminals
4. For Pluto
5. Don’t Get Enough
6. Personal
7. Sinking Ship
8. Shots f/ Beefy
9. Spinners Pizza Commercial
10. Preacher Man
11. Rabbit Season
12. Epilogues
13. Insurance
14. Head Down
15.  History

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