Aero-K Releases the Kiddies Mixtape

Aero-K of the Troubadours has a new mixtape out simple titled Kiddies where he remixes a pretty wide variation of songs – from Jay-Z to Flying Lotus to Kreayshawn to KPOP’s SNSD. As you can imagine, it’s kind of a mixed bag of tracks where Aero experiments with different sounds, styles, and concepts. It’s a little hit or miss but as a free DL you can’t complain too much. Get it via bandcamp below.

One thought on “Aero-K Releases the Kiddies Mixtape

  1. finally posted up ! definitely download this ,aero-k is one dope cool artist ,i did get this as soon as it posted and its a good mixtape, check out his funny video of”girls generation”(SNSD) its wild and funny ,as with all of aero-k and the troubadours albums,Aero-k has great sound and puts out nice material and is a super awesome dude too i look foward to his upcoming projects and collaborations,a few months ago he collabed with one of my canadian friend Real that track was dope. Aero-k is going to be the next artist to blow up ,he has the pontential ,attitude and the style

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