Chosen x Furis Bring Out the “Sunrise” MV

Rapper Chosen One decided to spit over a Nujabes beat (“Counting Stars”) and got Furis to jump on the track and help close it out. Chosen put together a little comic book style MV though the productions values are somewhat lacking to say the least. A pity since the song itself is actually on point, where as the visuals just don’t do it justice. Check out the clip for yourself below.

One thought on “Chosen x Furis Bring Out the “Sunrise” MV

  1. “ITS ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC” the track is super dope! as for the video its just a basic video ,but both Chosen & Furis “sonicly” and lyrically killed the track ,song is dope ,i rather”hear” a good track then watch a good video with bad music or sound ! Chosen’s other videos are super dope and of very high quality especially the newer ones that “Johnnyart” Furis has been putting out for Chosen, just you all wait and see what is coming next from them both……..going to be super dope homies !!!!

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