Oak & Gorski Re-Release Vienna to Venice

Crazy to think it’s already been 5 years since Oak & Gorski, then known as the Ken Oak Band, released the album Vienna to Venice. Though not the first album put out by the group, it was the first album that they released solely as a duo. Ever since then it’s been just the two of them – hence the re-christening of the name from Ken Oak Band to Oak & Gorski. It seems like they are making this a short run, limited release so if you never got a chance to hear some of their early work… now is as opportune time as any. Buy it here.

1. Summer’s Kiss
2. Analog Girl
3. Hey Andrew
4. We’re Alright
5. Trampoline
6. Cold of December
7. Annabelle
8. Open Letter
9. Slow Dance
10. Grace Falls

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