Jennifer Chung Provides Sneak Peek at New Album




Jennifer Chung‘s debut full length album launch is quickly approaching. The project appears to be titled 4 Years & Counting and in the clip below you can hear snippets of the songs including “One Day”, “You Won”, “Common Simple Beautiful and more. She seems to have gone in a Pop/Rock direction for the record and so far I don’t have any complaints based of f what I heard. It’s exciting to see her work come to fruition… for the sake of perspective check out the first time she shared “One Day” at the top of this year. You can pre-order the album now!

Tracklist after the break.

1. Common, Simple, Beautiful
2. I Made It
3. Mystery
4. One Day
5. Lost Boy
6. Can We?
7. You Won
8. This Is It
9. Very Last Time
10. The Way You Do
11. White Lies
12. Running

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