freshKiDD & J. Rican Navigate “The Friend Zone”

Things have been a little quiet in freshKiDD‘s corner lately but today brings us a new song she collaborated on with J. Rican called “The Friend Zone”. It’s a slightly shorter song, clocking in under 3 minutes however I think it’s a solid R&B/Rap type of track with a fairly even mixture of singing and spitting. Topic wise should be pretty obvious based on title alone haha. Like the song? Lucky you cause it’s a completely free DL here.

[VERSE 1 // J. Rican]
Uh-oh.. / I think I did it again.. / Fell in love but it’s different ’cause this time I fell in love with a friend / I don’t think she feels the same way / I don’t know what to say / I want to tell her how I feel but this could end up the wrong way / This could end up the wrong way / I sit and think of possibilities what could really happen if she felt the same way about me but then I just start laughing ’cause love is a cruel joke and I fell for it again..

[CHORUS x2 // J. Rican, freshKiDD]
Uh-oh.. I think I did it again.. / (Told myself back then I wouldn’t let it happen now I’m back again, uh!) / Fell in love with the wrong one ’cause we’ll always just be friends / (Wishing this type of love could work but I know it just won’t / I’m stuck in the friend zone)

[VERSE 2 // freshKiDD]
Why you got to be so fine and captivating? / Ugh, damn! / I did it again / Feelings beginning to differ and I’m getting impatient / Irritated you and I ain’t dating.. / Wait, what am I saying? / What am I? / Insane? / My brain’s been scrimmaging through your picturesque images, building a billion pixels / It’s ridiculous / Imagination painting meticulous frames at an evasive rate / I can’t keep up with the pace / Nah.. / I’m a little dazed.. / So, how ’bout we flip the roles / Dip the zone / Uhh.. / You know I’m try’na get in those ’cause I want you / Want to freak? / I-I-I / I mean.. freak! / The hell’s creeping into my mind? / I’m into you.. / Why?! / And why’s it “best friend”‘s what you calling me when it’s less than what I want to be? / Least that’s what I thought ’cause see, I regret letting the heart in me speak then watching a part of me leave..


[OUTRO x2 // freshKiDD]
I’m stuck in the friend zone.

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